How it started

Have you ever wondered why there are visibly no local or small brands in any major shopping mall?

AfroUrban Store was born out of the need to create the opportunity for small and local businesses to compete with the industry’s giants. Our initial focus group was black owned businesses but we quickly opened our space for other local entrepreneurs and creatives as well.

Necessity is the mother of all inventions they say!
The vision came from the fact I encountered so many closed doors when I was trying to find retailers for my bamboo wear brand Akụkọ. When I was offered a pop up space in 2021 at Emporia Shopping Centre in Malmö, I decided to bring other small businesses along. 

It's a mission, not a competition!

Based on collaboration through consignment, our business model provides a safe space for sneaker enthusiasts to buy and trade. Collectively, we have curated a space that offers a wide variety of unique products that you probably won’t see anywhere else.

What started as a month’s pop up project kept growing and eventually became a permanent store in spring of 2023. Our strength lies in collaborations and partnerships, as we believe in the power of working together to create a positive impact.

Arinze Prosper Emegoakor,
founder of Afro Urban Store and Akụkọ