A selection of the local brands and black owned businesses we are collaborating with



With roots in Nigeria and feet in Sweden, Akuko is a sustainable, colorful and high quality bamboo wear brand that tells African
stories through fashion.

Translated, Akụkọ means "story" in the Igbo language: every product comes with a story. The vision is to change stereotypical and negative narratives about the African continent and people of African descent worldwide with the help of storytelling.

Founded in Malmö by Arinze Prosper Emegoakor in 2019, Akụkọ kickstarted its journey with a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter the same year. 

The brand started its journey with colourful, boldly patterned socks and later its product range to an underwear collection for all genders. All products are sustainably made from the finest bamboo fabrics.

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La Vichy was founded in Malmö, Sweden, in 2019. The team sought to create an appealing and creative clothing line that would speak the brand values into existence.

La Vichy strive for greatness, victory, conquest and always
being the best in whatever they do. These values are the pillars of the brand, and will continue to be just that. 

As a company, La Vichy is constantly following the latest fashion trends, creating appealing designs with a touch of their soul into every little detail, making the merchandise unique, attractive and one of a kind.

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THE NEW ORIGINALS (est. 2015 Amsterdam) makes performance clothing for creatives. They strive to make durable and long-lasting apparel that bring emphasis to one's individuality.

TNO believes that—by thinking out of the box—anyone, regardless of their background can find and flourish within their creative potential.

"Thinking out of the box" is defined by TNO as thinking divergent and free of boundaries. They aim to build bridges between different contexts and backgrounds while offering a platform for creativity.

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An abbreviation of [NUMÉRO VINGT-HUIT] in reference to the internationally renowned manga Akira, NO28 is a Parisian clothing brand determined to challenge the relationship fashion and clothing have within the digital and physical spaces they inhabit.

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Have a visit at their website and try out the "wired mode"!



Embracing the Wisdom of Our Roots, Crafting Natural Elegance for Your Skin

African plant-based skin care that promotes skin health without compromising on ingredient quality or safety.

The birth of Luyana Natural Skin Care was inspired during a routine medical checkup in Copenhagen when the founder received a shock, the discovery of multiple benign tumors. This health scare ignited a profound reevaluation of the toxins they had unknowingly exposed themselves to.

Determined to protect not only themselves but also their young children, the urgency to find truly safe products intensified. They wanted full understanding and control of exactly what went into the products they used. The solution: Luyana Natural Skincare.

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Where the purity and beauty of nature take center stage

Kawinki by O.Piesie emerged from a desire to provide people with access to the purest and most genuine beauty and nutrition from nature.

Kawinki understands the importance of feeling your best both inside and out. They achieve this by offering genuine, natural, and vegan products. Every product is created with care - for you, for the animals, and for the planet.

Behind each product is a story of carefully selected ingredients and a passion for authenticity. Kawinki says no to unnecessary additives and yes to the best that nature has to offer.

While they value a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, they never compromise on quality. For Kawinki, it's more than just products; it's a philosophy of caring for well-being, from the inside out. When you choose Kawinki, you choose a world of care, quality, and authenticity.

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